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Sleep Tea 100g

A good night's rest is the perfect time for our bdy and our mind to recuperate from the exertions of the day. Created by herbalists our tea is naturally caffeine-free.

Are you struggling with anxiety or insomnia? Our naturally caffeine-free Calming Tea helps you unwind and relax. Enjoy this gorgeous herbal tea any time of day. Brew 1 teaspoon per cup of hot water, letting it steep for 2-5 minutes. It's especially beneficial to consume at bedtime to prepare for a good night's sleep.

Ingredients: Chamomile flowers, Lemon Balm leaf, Passionflower, Lavender flowers, Skullcap leaf.

Free from GMO, Eggs, Soy, Dairy, Nuts, Preservatives, Artificial colours, Sweetners and Flavours.

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